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Play any game style by agreeing on a wager with your competitor before the game.

This is the perfect party game for two players to start a huge memorable party!

You will never forget the extreme fun and rush that you will feel while playing…

Now you can battle it out for a shot with our handcrafted Battle Toss game!


How to play:

1. Start the game with a shot glass or peg in the center hole of the shot ladder.

2. Each Player then swings their ring simultaneously in order to hook it the fastest. When a player hooks the ring, they move the shot glass/peg one step toward their opponent.

3. Play continues until one player is able to move the shot glass/peg off of their opponent’s edge of the shot ladder.

4. The first player to do this wins and the loser takes a shot.

5. You can play it in reverse so the winner gets to take the shot!


  • Measures: 11″ Tall x 10″ Wide
  • The base features 4 rubber feet on the bottle providing stability and a small elevation.
  • Featuring a precision string system built into the frame to conveniently tighten the strings.

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