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Tired of worrying whether your nursing pets are getting enough milk?

The Puppycare™ Bubble Milk Bowl is the best option to ensure that they’re getting the right nutrition.

Forget about all the bottles and tubes.

Introducing the safest and effective pet nursing solution!

Why is The Puppycare™ Bubble Milk Bowl invented?
– As a breeder with 20 years of experience, we often hear that our fur babies die from manual feeding due to their mother cannot feed or have little milk. In order to solve this problem, the nursing milk bowl is invented.
What is The Puppycare™ Bubble Milk Bowl?
– It’s a new patented feeding device that restricts the outflow of fluid to one drop at a time in order to avoid a flow rate that is too rapid for the Pet. It helps them regulate body temperature, sleep better and grow healthy.
How does Puppycare™ Bubble Milk Bowl work?
– It introduces anti-choking technology and allows the milk to flow slowly and evenly. It’s made of 100% food-grade silicone,  BPA Free and FDA-approved! Plus, it’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe!
Does The Puppycare™ Bubble Milk Bowl have different sizes?
– Yes! The Size S is designed for small puppies and Kittens.
The Size L is designed for large-size Puppies.
We regularly donate some of our products to various Animal shelters. With each purchase, you help us to extend this service. We thank you in advance.❤️

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