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Do you want a personalized gift that only you can have?

This human skull mask will make you look unique at any themed party!
Full Head Skull Mask/Helmet with Movable Jaw
💀Complete your look at your Halloween party with this realistic full-head mask. This Human Skull Mask is a great gothic gift for friends.🎁Give yourself a personalized gift that only you have.
  • Funny and Frightening: This head skull costumes are ready for you.
  • Visibility: There are no obstacles in your sight. You can see through the eye of the costume. This will add a more joyful and active atmosphere to you. High-Quality Glass Fiber is elastic and stretchy, with plenty of space. Optimal for a head circumference of 58-62 cm. The maximum head width is 18 cm. The maximum head length is 24 cm.
  • This mask is so realistic that no one will believe that this is a fake skull.
And here’s how it works:

💀You can put it on Halloween or on a themed photoshoot, you’ll be getting tons of attention from others who are curious about your mask.

💀Suitable for any clothing. Made of high-quality latex, it is durable and very comfortable.

💀When you play horror magician on Halloween, your neighbors and family will scream for you, so people who really like Halloween horror play It is the coolest.

💀Suitable for Halloween, party, Cosplay costume, play jokes, Christmas, Easter, Carnival, Costume parties, Tag parties, Night club.


SIZE: 9 inches long. 7 inches depth. 6,1 inches wide.

✔Material: High-Quality Glass Fiber, High-quality latex,Oil paint

✔Gender: Unisex

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this mask have the see-through black fabric in the eyeholes? Or are the eyeholes just open and show the wearer’s eyes?
A: The eye holes are open. You could easily add a black fabric to the inside of the mask so that the wearer’s eyes are visible.
Q: What are the dimensions of the mask?
A: 9 inches long. 7 inches depth.6,1 inches wide.
Q: Could it fit a kid?
A: It is perfect for children over 11 years old.
Q: Can this be painted?
A: You will have to use the correct paint. Test the paint before you paint the entire mask.

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