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home and garden
Home & Garden

Check out our fresh collections of unique and elegant pieces to bring out the gorgeousness of your home. Make your home a reflection of who you are. Introduce a sparkle that sets the tone for the season. Each product is handpicked to help you implement the ideas in your head.
Change things up. Try new colors, aim to match nature.
Spice up your surroundings and boost your productivity and pleasure.

Sports & Entertainment

We bring you the most reliable gears at a fraction of the price you might find anywhere else. Compete heartily, knowing you have the most dependable apparels on, and show off your athletic prowess with a flair! Find custom made sporting gears and standout among your buddies. Our collection gathers unique and exclusive sporting wears and gears from all over the world. And across all sports. Browse through our collection to see what works for you.

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Each of our products is one of a kind—Unique in both their form and features. We source for them exclusively to bring you something to be proud of.

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Our customer care representatives are always eager to help out. We are very aware of the worry associated with looking forward to having your goods delivered.

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When you order products over $30 in price, you get a free shipping delivery. Take advantage of and buy all you need at once.

What we do for you

Have you ever felt an urge, some subtle tugging – at your heart, that you need just one item, one-piece, just one product, and everything would be perfect?
If you have, then PlanetGo is the place to be. We have put together our collections to satisfy wandering souls like yours. Each product, each feature, and each color were carefully selected – to indulge and gratify that longing freshness.